It’s Not Me, It’s Him. It’s Always Him.


The response that I have gotten from readers is amazing. I am truly blown away by your kind words and I’m starting to realize that God has made it so I can do what I love.

Had you asked me a year ago if I would be talking to people about God, Jesus, and my relationship with them, I would have said “heck no!” I would have laughed in your face and moved on to the next subject.

I was never comfortable talking about God or Jesus. First I never knew what to say, and second why on earth would anyone want to hear it from me? I was (still am) the furthest thing from a “Godly person” that I knew. There were so many more that were better at it than I would have ever been. I struggled with sin every single day and usually, sin won. I looked like nothing more than a hypocrite. And that’s what I hated about church and Christians. There were so many hypocrites that I found it hard to talk to someone real, someone who actually knew what they were talking about.

Everything about me was reason why I should never try to talk about God. But you know what? God didn’t think that to be true. I cannot tell you how many times I have prayed that I would be able to write for the rest of my life. I have prayed that people would read what I had to say and that I would be able to reach audiences all over the world. God has been with me every second that I have sat down to write and He has been molding me and preparing me for this point in my life.

You see, I should have less time to write these days. After all, I am a busy mom to two beautiful, wild, attention seeking, children. I have a house to clean, a husband to take care, while still trying to maintain the rest of my life. I am a busy lady, but now, now, I have more time to write. It seems that my children settle down at just the right time, or I wake up early enough just to have sometime to myself. I can tell you it’s nothing that I’ve done differently, it’s Him. He is making a way for me.

And now I know exactly what to write. I know exactly what I need to say. I was afraid that by trying to make my blog more serious that I would run out of things to talk about. I would run out of experiences, and stories, and there is nothing more frightening to a writer than running out of stories, but my stories are plentiful. I have draft upon draft stored in my computer just waiting to be uploaded. Again, I’ve not done anything different, It’s Him.

But most importantly, more than time and more than stories, I have an audience. I actually have a worldwide audience. People want to hear what I have to say. I get comments and emails from people on things that I have written that I would have never believed them to read. Not only are they reading it, but they are really reading it, understanding it, and applying it to their lives. They are telling me how it made them feel and how they needed to hear that at that moment. You guys! It’s not me, it’s Him!

For years I have prayed that I would find my way, that I would know what I am supposed to do and here He is showing me exactly what I need to do and He is helping me do it. That’s what I love about God, He never leaves us alone. He never leaves me alone. He has given me the time, the words, and the audience and now it’s time that I give Him the praise!

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