The Boy From Texas.

For those of you who have known me for sometime know that I like big shows. I like a grand production. I like romance. And I’m a sucker for a good story. Growing up I had always wondered about the type of guy I would end up with and while Justin is nothing like what I had in mind. I was thrilled when I realized we had a great story. It’s such a good story that I can see myself sharing it with my kids, and their kids, and their kids.

It all began when I dropped out of college. I was over it. Burned out. I moved back home with my parents and while I love my parents dearly, it wasn’t an ideal situation. I had been on my own for too long to come back to rules, questions, and interrogations. So a friend of mine made me a proposition. He was moving to Wyoming and I could come with him. I would have a place to live and I would have a guaranteed job. I had 12 hours to think about it and come up with a decision and I said yes with very little hesitation.

I had no idea what I was expecting. I didn’t even know where Wyoming was on a map, let alone did I know anything about Wyoming. All I knew was that it was far away and it was a fresh start.

I had just come out of a relationship with a not-so-great guy and I was ready to just be on my own for awhile. I didn’t want anyone holding me back and I certainly didn’t want to have to answer to anyone else. I was finally on my own and it felt good.

After 39 hours in the car we finally made it. Wyoming was nothing that I could have ever imagined. It was gorgeous. It was calm. It was nothing like I was use to. And suddenly, I was petrified of the decision I had made. I was stuck.


I got out of the car. My hair bleach blonde. I had a tank top and short skirt on with my pink duffel bag thrown across my back. I had piercings and tattoos. I did not look like Wyoming. I looked around and I saw lots and lots of flannel. What did I do?


I walked to my room. Tim, my boss, would inform me that my window didn’t close and so if any animals were to come in just back slowly out into the hall. I just nodded and smiled. I mean, what do you even say to that?

I set my blanket, pillow, and bag down and looked around. I tried to take it all in. At the time I smoked cigarettes and I hadn’t had one in 39 hours. I had no money to my name and I was desperate. I made my way outside and found a guy who could see the sadness all over my face. He handed me a cigarette and told me everything would be okay.

Of course I had thought about leaving. I tried to figure out what I would say to my parents so they would help their poor, stranded daughter, but I eventually started to like my new home, actually I started to love it. I made friends. We were like our own little family. We didn’t have TV or internet so we really kept ourselves entertained.

Then one day a boy from Texas showed up. I remember when I first met him. It was nothing real memorable. I said hey and walked away. I went to work. I was supposed to go to town with my friend after work that night. I had been seeing a bartender in town and couldn’t wait to get away from Dornan’s.


My shift ended and I rushed back to my room to get ready. We were going to borrow my roommate’s car, but I couldn’t find my friend. I asked my roommate who told me that she already gave my friend the car and that she went to town already with the new guy. I tried calling my friend over and over and over, but no answer. I was not happy. I continued to get ready and finally my phone rang.

“Where are you?” I asked.

“We’re on our way to pick you up.”

“Fine. Hurry up.” I hung up the phone.

A few minutes later my friend and the boy from Texas showed up. Clearly they had been drinking, but I overlooked it, jumped in the car, and drove us back to town.

We showed up at the bar and I ordered myself a drink. My friend and the boy from Texas immediately started complaining that they were tired and wanted to go back. I set my drink down and offered to drive them home.

We got back in the car, but then they wanted to get food. I pulled into the drive-thru.

“What do you want?” he asked me.

“Nothing, I’m not hungry.”

“I got you,” he said.

“No thanks, not hungry.”

“I’m hungry,” my friend said.

“I didn’t ask you,” he said.

“Seriously?” my friend asked.

“Seriously. I’m not buying you anything, but her, I’ll buy her whatever she wants.”

I rolled my eyes and finally convinced him I wasn’t hungry. I was appalled at this boy from Texas. He acted like he was something. And that was not what I was into. I drove them home, dropped them off and went back to town. I met up with my bartender and couldn’t stop talking about the jerk from Texas.

Days passed and the boy from Texas kept trying to hang out with me and I kept turning him down. One day he offered to help me with my laundry. I was surprised. I accepted his offer and we walked to the laundry room. I was loading my clothes when out of nowhere he kissed me. I immediately pulled away and told him that he had lost his mind. I quickly learned that he didn’t care what anyone said; he did what he wanted. Another turn off.

I went on with my life. I didn’t think too much of the boy from Texas. He drove me crazy. I hated him. He was so full of himself. And he was rude. He was obnoxious. And he thought that he could get whatever he wanted. He was everything I didn’t want in someone.

Then one weekend I went out of town with a friend. I couldn’t stop talking about the “jerk from Dornan’s”.

“Who is this guy?” my friend asked.

“Oh just some jerk.”

“Do you like him?”

“Absolutely not!” I yelled.

“Then why do you keep talking about him?”

I honestly didn’t know why I kept talking about him, but I stopped right then and there. We had a good weekend and I didn’t think of the boy from Texas at all, well, until we got back in the car and then once again I couldn’t stop talking about him.

“I just want to kiss him, I think,” I said.

“You do?”

“Yeah, I just want to see what it’s like.”

“Do it then.”

“I will.”

We finally got back to Dornan’s and there he was. It was perfect. The boy from Texas from sitting outside. I was going to make my move.

I walked up to him.

“Hey, will you help me carry my suitcase up?” I asked.


I’m not sure what my face looked like, but I was completely taken back. I couldn’t believe that he said no to me. My plan to kiss him was over. He had moved on. He was no longer interested. I dragged my suitcase upstairs and into my room. I was putting things away when there was a knock on my door. It was the boy from Texas.

“Hey, I want to show you something.”

“Um, okay.” I said.

“It’s in my room,” he said.

I followed him down the hall. He stepped to the side and let me walk into his room first. I walked in, glanced around, didn’t notice anything different and so I turned around to ask him if I was missing something and that’s when he kissed me.


It was such a perfect kiss. Everyone would be so lucky to be able to have a kiss like that. I lost track of time. I forgot where I was. We pulled away and looked at each other. And that was that. From that moment on we’ve been inseparable. That kiss was so much more than just a kiss. We had no idea that that kiss would lead to seven years together, or marriage, or not one, but two beautiful children. We had no idea that kiss would change our lives forever, but there’s not a day that passes that I don’t think about that kiss, that story, our story, and the boy from Texas.

Today we celebrate 3 years of marriage. It’s been hard, and tough, and surprising. It’s been most everything you don’t think of when you think about getting married. (Perhaps more people should think about those things first!) Marriage is not for the weak. I am so thankful, however, that I have been able to find strength in my husband. I look at our life and while I know we’ve gone through some tough times,  it is all the joy, happiness, love, and picture perfect moments I remember. Justin Falber, I am just as in love with you as I was that moment we kissed and I fall more and more in love with you as each day passes. I don’t know what the future holds for us, but I just pray that it’s you and me, taking on the world together, for the rest of our lives. 10.10.10 <3.




Happy Anniversary! Here’s to so many more! Love you.


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