Let me introduce you to…Part 2

This is Adelaide. Or Blue. Or Adelaide Blue. Or Bluebell.


This girl. Where do I even begin? After having my son I never really thought I would want a daughter. My friends all had little girls and while they were sweet and perfect I was completely in love with my little boy and I thought that I would be the mom surrounded by nothing but boys, I am so glad I was wrong. This little girl was just what I needed! There is nothing better than early morning snuggles with this little lady. She can make everything better with just one look at her.


She is so different than Jaxsyn. She demands a lot more attention and wants to be a part of anything and everything, where her brother was always content, Blue is always curious.


I didn’t think it was possible for me to love someone as much as Jaxsyn, and it was something that I struggled with throughout my entire pregnancy. I was so afraid of hurting Jaxsyn’s feelings and making him upset, but the second I laid my eyes on my daughter I knew that God gave me the ability to love both of my children just as much as the other. If I thought I had a hard time putting into words how I felt about Jaxsyn there is no way that I could even attempt to do it now. I am so glad that God has plans for us that are so much more than we could ever imagine. Had it been up to me I never would have even considered a daughter, I’m so glad He knows me better than that because she is exactly what I needed. She completes this family and this mother.


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