Baby What-ing?

October 7th began the 2013 International Babywearing week. I never really knew too much about babywearing, but since Adelaide was just days old I began learning how awesome it is.

Wear your baby!

There is so much to talk about when discussing babywearing. There are tons of different wraps and carriers. There are different ways to wear your baby. There’s even ways to wear multiple babies. It can be very overwhelming if you just start to look at it via the internet, and often times it takes a good friend to sit down and talk to you so you can fully comprehend it all. I was thankful that I had such a friend.


I am by no means a babywearing pro. In fact, there’s more about babywearing that I don’t know then what I do know. But what I do know is the basics and I feel like it is enough to convince anyone to at least try babywearing for youself.


Things I know about babywearing:

1. Babywearing allows you to be hands free while tending to a cranky, sleepy, curious baby. Adelaide loves attention. She loves being held. She loves being involved. It was very difficult for me to take care of Jaxsyn, and the house, and myself while holding Adelaide, but when I finally realized that I could wear her, well, I was then able to do anything I needed to do from giving Jaxsyn a bath, to folding laundry. I literally can do anything now.

2. Babywearing calms and usually puts to sleep babies. Adelaide is a light sleeper. I have no problem getting Adelaide to fall asleep. Usually I have to lay down with her and then try to sneak away, and if I make it away quietly it is  only minutes before she realizes that she is by herself thus causing her to wake up. But with babywearing I can get her to sleep and keep her asleep sometimes for hours at a time. It has got to be comforting to her to know that I am right here and she can even hear my breathing and my heartbeat. Babywearing has provided some of the best sleep for her, hands down.

3. It is much easier packing a wrap or a carrier in the car to take on trips, day trips or to run errands, then it is to pack and use a stroller. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I really love using a stroller. Especially down here in Texas when it has been so hot, too hot, to wear Adelaide. And I was blessed to have someone lend me their stroller because I opted not to buy one this time around because of cost. But there is nothing more frustrating, especially when you have more than one kid, to have to drag a stroller out, load and unload said stroller before being able to do anything. And sometimes strollers like to stick, or not open. or not close. Strollers, frankly, can be very finicky, but not a wrap or a carrier. They are nothing but convenient. They are easy to pack, load and unload, they are lightweight and they are cost efficient.


There are so many other reasons to wear your babies. Reasons why it benefits the parents and reasons it benefits the children. I know what works for me and what doesn’t. i encourage you to ask questions, visit websites, talk to other mothers and just give it a chance!

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