Welcome to Texas.

I had tried this once before, when me and Justin were young (er). After his accident I decided that I couldn’t be without him (afterall, I was falling in love) and so I followed to him Houston Texas. It wasn’t long after my arrival that I realized Houston wasn’t really for me. I had always thought of myself as a ‘city girl’, but when push came to shove, I realized I liked the slower pace of the country. I enjoyed random strangers waving and asking how my day was. And I enjoyed knowing a lot of the people that lived in same town. Houston was everything, that apparently, I didn’t like. And so I left and convinced Justin to move to North Carolina where we lived for 6 years. And how sweet it was. North Carolina means a lot to me, not just because it was my home for so many years, but because I got to experience a lot of firsts there. After all, I graduated college, married my best friend, and became a mother. (There’s more, but those are my top 3) So when we decided to move, I became a little heartbroken. Of course I would miss my family and my friends (man, do I miss them so much!) but I would miss North Carolina too. And so with a slight disadvantage my adventure has begun in Texas. I’m not sure if things will be better, but I’m open-minded. I like the idea of living in a town where everything is just a short drive away, and I mean everything.  I like having every single restaurant (except for freaking Bojangles) just around the corner. I am over the top about finally being able to eat Kolaches when I want. (If you don’t know what a Kolache is, please come visit me, it will change your life!) And I like having places to take Jaxsyn for entertainment, it sure does beat having to drive all over the state of North Carolina! But I still can’t get over the traffic. So what should be a short ride, turns out to take an hour! I have never, in all of my 29 years combined, seen so many cars. And not only does there seem to a plethora  of vehicles on the road, but it seems that most of them have no idea how to abide rules and signs and just general traffic laws. They come and go as they please, using whatever lane they deem necessary to turn or stop or pull out. The speed limits in Texas tend to be a lot faster than in North Carolina, but that isn’t enough for your average Texan, if the speed limit is 60, you find yourself flying at 70-75 just to keep up. If you attempt to abide by the laws yourself (especially with a North Carolina license plate) they will run you over, honk their giant horns, and pretend that you did something wrong! And so I decided that I could do that too. I tend to have a lot of road rage behind the wheel, but my husband informed me not to show my you-know-what because people in Texas carry guns and they aren’t afraid to use them. Awesome, right? But I suppose every place you live has different ticks, I mean, let’s not get carried away and pretend that people in North Carolina really know how to drive, right? I suppose that moving to a new place, a new giant place, can be scary, but it is what you make of it. And who knows what could happen, I mean, after all, I am technically a Texan now.

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  1. It will be fun to keep up with your transition to Texas on your blog Lauren! It’s like having a shared journal!! Love you and miss you all! Gram Deb

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